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“I have been using the laundry detergent for everything: clothes, dishes, and hair – it is great stuff and very little goes a very long way.”

— Sandra Goth, Cobble Hill BC


"This is the best shampoo I have ever used, ever."

— Trish Duncan - manager of distributorship Co.

“I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that I found your product at Lifestyle’s market in Victoria.

Living a poison free lifestyle has been really important to me for over a decade and looking at the ingredients list on all the other products was very disheartening to me.

I have been using your conditioner on my hair and it has been working as a replacement for a shampoo too!

Thank you for your contribution to humans and to the planet.”

— Amy, Victoria BC


“My daughter and I love your shampoo and conditioner for our long hair and my new lover does too.”

— Carilyne, Alberta


"My hair and skin is so beautiful now, how did you guys do it?"

— Debbie Finlay


“Oh my god, the skin care products are so good.

Wow, its so good!”

— Brenda Summer


"I have used all the top lines in the world and oh, my God, Organic Formulations is sooo good!! All my friends are ordering it from around the world."

— Angela Foster, BC, international model

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