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Body Wash

Hand & Body Eco Wash

A nourishing every day wash. Foams naturally, for a great shower and bathroom experience to start your day. Gentle enough to use as a facial wash. 

Soap Bars

Soap Bars

Foams well, smells natural and soothes the skin. For hand & body. 

Vegetable based - Vegan!!!


Botanical ECO Lotions

Earth Spirit™ botanical lotions contain organic botanical herbal blends. Our ingredients have been selected to provide the skin with nutrients that produce gentle softening and a superior nourrishing action to offer ultimate protection from environmental pollutants.

Shea Butter

Shea Butter

organic & fairly traded

ECO Shaving

Earth Spirit™ botanical shaving products. 


Botanical ECO Deodorants

Earth Spirit™ botanical Deodorants are an eco-formula with 100% organic and natural ingredients. Extremely gentle, highly effective and antibacterial.

And like all Earth Spirit™ products scented only with natural essential oils and toxic free:

aluminium free, paraben free, petrochem free


Wild Camper Eco Wash

Earth Spirit™ Wild Camper is an universal eco wash & cleaner for the outdoors.

Safe for Waterways!

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